Standing Up for Choice/Women’s Rights
Most of America and district 64 believes that Roe Vs Wade was a decision that represented the rights of both sides. I agree. The Supreme Court forced this back to each individual state. It is my intention to protect women’s rights while working for you in Springfield. This is not perfect for all, some on the right say NEVER terminate while some on the left say ANYTIME is ok. Let’s go back to democracy, let’s keep the majority happy, let’s keep Roe Vs Wade.

Voting Integrity = Stengthen the system for voters
People have become nervous about how our vote is protected. We need to look at both sides as to what people think happened. We can all agree we need to make sure votes are secure. This is the very foundation of our democratic system. It is my intention to be a champion on this, but not one sided. We absolutely have the technology to improve the security of our voting rights…we must use it from the top of our system, right down to our individual voter.

Gun Safety = Responsible ownership & background checks
As we all know, a gun can be a very dangerous thing in the wrong hands. We need to reinforce responsible ownership. I believe background checks, red flag laws & closing loopholes are desperately needed. In addition, if these laws are broken, the guilty individual needs to be brought to justice. It is my intention, to poll this district so we can work together, to find out how we can protect one another from the small percentage of bad people who intend to use their weapon to hurt innocent people. All guns should have serial numbers. The serial numbers could easily be tracked by our computer system, with little added expense. That information could help control straw buyers, people who buy guns & sell them to the dangerous individuals in our society. This would be a welcome addition to our gun laws.

Lower Taxes = Reshape bureaucracy for efficiency
We all agree that in many ways our tax dollar is not spent very wisely. Wouldn’t it be nice if bureaucracy looked at our tax dollar differently? As a bureaucracy builds itself, the insiders in the pyramid continue to increase, at our expense. How about we reward or public servants who do more with less? We created this pyramid concept by the very nature of our bureaucracy asking for more money each budget cycle. It is time to look at those who do more with less and reward them!

Transparency and listening to the voters will be part of bringing our taxes down. Each line needs to stand on its merits with full disclosure. I will be a budget hawk, because it’s my money too! We need to spend it, but it needs to be spent wisely.

Environment = Responsible protection
We need to protect for ourselves and for our children. We need to listen to people that are affected by environmental laws and look for a win/win solution. We can’t destroy a farmer or a small business owner while trying to protect the environment. Let’s get together and find the middle ground. We can work on keeping the environment safe, while keeping good health for our farms and businesses. After all, that’s what makes our great state of Illinois run.

Business = Make regulations user friendly
Businesses & farms are the backbone of our economy. When we write legislation and haven’t paid attention to how it affects the repair shop on the corner or the store that supplies our needs, we haven’t written good legislation. If the farmer can’t farm because the regulations consume too much time and money, then we haven’t written good legislation. A lot of time researching & understanding the issues of both sides needs to be spent. Once we can find the middle ground, we can write some win/win legislation.

It is not my intention to be a democratic representative or a republican representative. I will be the representative of the voters of district 64. That’s why I am purple and hopefully, you will be too. As your state representative, I will maintain a secure pathway for the voters of my district to tell me their opinions so I know how you want me to vote.